Personalized Giraffe Sequin Pillow

$ 22.95

Sequin Color
Pillow Option

This gorgeous giraffe is printed on a flip 16 x 16 Sequin Pillow Cover

This personalized sequin pillow is as much fun as it is practical. The double sided sequins harbor a solid color of your choice on one side and hide a gorgeous giraffe and name on the other as visualized above.

You can choose the color of the sequins from a plethora of available options which you can turn with a swipe of your hand to reveal the special message underneath.

The case itself is 16 x 16 in size and will be nicely filled with an 18 x 18 pillow. You can choose to either purchase the pillowcase alone or buy it with an insert. The case itself has been meticulously crafted with a durable and high quality material that can be washed by hand and then dried by laying it out flat. The back of the pillow is non sequined and either a faux suede or a soft satin.