BBQ Grilling Funny Kitchen Towels

$ 11.95


Funny BBQ Grill Towels

Who doesn't love their corny, joke-telling dad?!? It’s a scientific fact that puns are the greatest form of humor. Now with these wonderful towels, you can keep them hanging in your kitchen!

Made of microfiber to be super absorbent, these towels are made to be useful as well as funny. Choose a matching pair of designs that you enjoy, or get a whole set for your husband, dad, brother or yourself! These towels are a great way to liven up a bbq party, or just plain old day to day cooking!

• Grill Sergeant

• Tools of the Trade

• So, We Meat Again

• Kiss the Cook

• Sun's Out Buns Out

• All Up In My Grill

• Well Done

• Baby Got Back

Size 16" x 24" Durable woven polyester / polyamide blend microfiber Machine washable/dryable/bleachable Towels are sold individually (11.95 each), or you can choose to order sets